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What is OpenID?

OpenID is a new open standard that lets you sign in to web sites with a single URL that you own. This URL can be your homepage or blog, or it can be provided to you by a web site you use. In either case, you only have to sign in once to your OpenID provider and so you only need to maintain a single password. Learn more about OpenID, or sign up for a free OpenID with MyOpenID.

How is ObviousSpoilers using OpenID?

You can attach your OpenID to your existing ObviousSpoilers account or use OpenID to register for a new ObviousSpoilers account. In both cases, you will then be able to sign in using your OpenID provider and you won't have to use or remember a separate password for ObviousSpoilers. To get started, enter your OpenID URL above and click "Login".

If you want to attach an OpenID to an existing ObviousSpoilers account, please log in to the account, and then use the Manage this account section. The above form can be used for making a new account, and logging in to your existing OpenID-enabled ObviousSpoilers account.