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In the book 1984, the year is 1984

Assassin's Creed is about an Assassin in his Creed.

In the movie Let's Go To Prison, they go to prison.

In the book Ender's Game, Ender ends the game.

In the movie Coming to America, they come to America.

In the movie Horton Hears a Who, the protagonist Horton at some point hears a Who.

The Movie Passion Of The Christ, is about Christs Passion

The TV show Cops, is primarily regarding Police Officers

The movie "The Boat that Rocked" features a Boat where Rock music is played

In the movie, The Lord Of The Rings, The Two Towers, there are two towers.

In movie gone in 60 seconds, things are gone in 60 seconds

In the movie Wanted, someone is Wanted

In the movie ladies man, there is a man who likes ladies

The movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, has a married couple with the surname 'Smith'.

The turtles in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are teenage mutant ninja turtles.

In the TV show Two And A Half Men, there are two men and a boy that equates to half a man

In the movie The Birds, there are birds.

In the TV show Heroes, there are Heroes

In the movie I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, someone still knows about what you did last summer

In the movie Batman and Robin, Robin joins Batman on an adventure

In the movie This Is Spinal Tap, they are Spinal Tap.

In the movie "Ghostbusters", they bust ghosts

In the movie Alien VS Predator, Aliens battle Predators

In the movie Alien vs. Predator, an alien fights a predator.

The movie Alice in Wonderland is about a girl called Alice, in Wonderland.

In the movie The Dam Busters, the German Dams are destroyed.

In the movie The Big Shot Caller, he calls the shots

A Tale of Two Cities is a tale about two cities

In the movie American Beauty, there is an American, and she's a beauty.

"Zombie bums from uranius" ends up with flying bums invading the earth

The TV show Legend Of The Seeker is about the Legend of a person called The Seeker

In the movie He's Just Not That Into You, he isn't interested in you.

The movie "Sharknado", is about sharks in a tornado.

The movie kung fu panda, is about a panda who knows kung fu.

In "Five Nights at Freddy's",you spend five nights at Freddy's

"Portal 2" is a game about portals.

In the t.v. show "Good Luck Charlie", Charlie is wished good luck.

The movie "Reservoir Dogs" does not take place in a reservoir, nor does it focus on dogs.

In the movie Nixon, the public finds out about the watergate scandal.

In the movie JFK, JFK is assassinated

"The Legend of Zelda" games always involve saving Princess Zelda

American Pie 2, 3 and Band Camp, have nothing to do with a Pie from America

In the movie Austin Powers: Gold Member, a member of a certain dutch character is made golden.

The movie Independence Day is actually set before Independence Day.

In the movie Get Him To The Greek, he gets to the Greek.

In Animal Farm, the book is all about animals on a farm

The film Hannah Montana: The Movie is a movie about the life of Hannah Montana.

The TV series Black Books is about books, some of which are black.

In the movie The Poseidon Adventure, they go for an adventure on a boat called The Poseidon

The TV show "Sherlock" stars Sherlock Holmes.

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