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In the movie Back To The Future, they go back to the past. And then forward to the future.

In the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark", people raid a lost ark.

In the movie "Girl, Interrupted", a Girl's life is Interrupted

In the movie Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Harold and Kumar manage to escape from Guantanamo Bay.

In Mr. T's TV series I Pity The Fool, he pities the fool.

In the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, someone knows about what you did last summer

The Fantastic Four has Four members, who have Fantastic abilities.

In the movie Liar Liar, he lies.

In the movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, he shrinks the kids

In the movie "Singin' in the Rain", there is some singing in the rain.

In the movie Rebel Without A Cause, the rebel has no cause.

Something completely different happens occasionally in Now for Something completely different.

The website Facebook has many Faces, but no Books

In the music video for Like A Boss, the protagonist does things like a boss would.

In the Mario series games, the main character is Mario.

The game series Street Fighter, has street fights.

The movie Office Space is set in an office building.

In the movie Ali G: Indahouse, Ali G is in the house.

In the TV Series No Heroics, they do not allow heroics.

In A Fish Called Wanda, there is a fish which is named Wanda

In the movie Pathfinder, there is a man who finds paths

The movie Pulp Fiction is complete fiction

In the Movie Meet the Parents, The Parents are Met

"Prince of Persia" is about a Prince. Of Persia

In the movie 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out , the shootout ends during the 45th minute

In the movie Valkyrie, based on a true story about the attempted assassination of Hitler, the assassination attempt fails

The movie Gladiator is about a gladiator.

In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Games, you usually get to play as Tony Hawk

The movie "Epic Movie", ironically, isn't at all Epic

The game, Pokemon Ranger, involves a Ranger and Pokemon.

The TV show Supernatural contains things of a Supernatural nature

Captain Obvious states the Obvious

In the "Ricky Gervais Live" DVD's, Ricky Gervais appears live

In the movie Fight Club, there is a fighting club.

In The Italian Job, they do a job in Italy

Eurotrip is about a trip that is in Europe

In the movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", a girl leaps through time.

In the stand-up show "Eddie Murphy Delirious", Eddie Murphy is not delirious at all, he is funny

"Scary Movie" was not scary at all

In Futurama, the whole show is set in the future

In the movie There's Something About Mary.. there's something about Mary.

In the movie SAW there is a Saw

In the movie The Mummy Returns, the mummy returns.

The TV series Family Guy is about a guy who has a family.

In the movie In Bruges, they go to Bruges (it's in Belgium)

Rogue Assassin is about an assassin who went rogue

In the book 1984, the year is 1984

In the movie Yes Man, he says Yes. .... Man.

In the movie Let's Go To Prison, they go to prison.

In the book Ender's Game, Ender ends the game.

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